Business Overview

Leaf Expression Systems uses the proprietary Hypertrans® expression technologies developed by Prof.George Lomonossoff at the John Innes Centre, UK.

The Hypertrans system allows for the simultaneous production of multiple gene products in a controlled and coordinated manner within the tissues of plants. Using gene synthesis and modular vectors, new products can be developed, validated, scaled and produced very quickly. Potential applications of the technology include:
– Production of complex proteins, such as antibodies or enzymes for research applications.
– Production of antigens including virus-like particles for vaccine development or nano-technology.
– Rapid prototyping and surge production in response to external circumstances.
– Metabolic pathway engineering to generate complex biochemicals that are difficult or impossible to synthesise chemically or are only found in rare species or trace amounts in nature.

Leaf Expression Systems is based in state of the art facilities to produce and engineer its feedstock plants and has industry standard downstream processing capabilities to ensure production quality and bio-security.


Leaf Expression Systems works with companies as a contract development organisation to develop and scale the production of their products or intermediates. We also work alongside academic scientists to translate their science into scalable processes or to develop new enabling technologies, including as a collaborator on grants. Leaf Expression Systems has SME status and is available to participate in translational research and development consortia, including EU framework programs.

Research and Development

In addition to our contract manufacturing activities, we are developing several virus like particle products for use as vaccine candidates against viral pathogens. These products are being developed in-house or in collaboration with outside partners through grant funded projects. We are also looking to develop a number of non-viral products, including antibodies and enzymes.

Company Vision

“To become a leader in the research, development and commercialisation of plant expression systems for the production of proteins and complex natural products.”

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